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Welcome to the website of the Prosthetic Forum, Northern Ireland.

We are a users group set up over 10 years ago in 2002, run by lower limb and upper limb amputees and those who were born without limbs.

We work very closely with Musgrave RDS to improve the services provided to amputees and provide  support to amputees and their families .


Key areas we are currently focussing on include:

Improved Physiotherapy and OT support to both new and existing amputees - we worked in 2015 to secure additional funding for this staff through submissions with RDS management to the Belfast Local Commissioning Group.

Publicising the  Consultant Clinical Psychologist support to amputees at the RDS - a leaflet has been generated to support this.

Publicising the RDS Limb centre Podiatrist from 2016.

Ensuring adequate funding for Amputee services - we continue to monitor potential funding issues eg new Technology C legs. This is a critical focus for the Forum given UK wide and NI regional funding issues and the increasing demands placed on the service by Diabetes.

Monitoring RDS patient turnaround times - funding was secured for an additional Consultant in 2015.

Improving the RDS environment for users - walking track was installed in 2013 which has set the standard for other Limb centres across the UK, gym was refurbished and RDS painted in early 2015. Additionally free WIFI was provided in mid 2015. 

Ensuring that Consultants across NI are aware of the RDS and the service that it provides - we have encourages the RDS Consultant to send out a further communication to all such staff.

Supporting the RDS peer counselling service run by the RDS Consultant Doctor Graham.

Working to improve the overall service provision to amputees in NI from surgery to full rehabilitation - we have encouraged the development of service protocols and use of the MITRE facilities (eg anti-gravity treadmill). Additionally in mid 2015 we actively participated in the regional implementation of the NCEPOD report which strives to improve the service provision for amputees.


Working with RDS management to organise key information events such as the RDS Open Day which was held on Saturday 9th April,

Monitoring patient questionnaire feedback- to date this has been very positive but parking was identified as a concern and RDS management have provided additional disabled car parking spaces in early 2016.

Improving the RDS experience for younger amputees.

Fostering links with other groups eg The Limbless Support Group, The Limbless Association & The NI Disability Steering Group.

Fostering links with Diabetes UK NI, College of Podiatry and local Trust Podiatry Managers from meetings that started in mid 2016.

Improving the experience for amputees of Airport Security in NI - in early 2015 the Prosthetic Forum supported Consumer Council audits in 2015 of both the Belfast City and Belfast International airports. 

Providing ongoing input to RDS user guides.

Being an integral part of the Limb Centre outsourced service tender process approx. every 6 years - currently Opcare provide these services.


Please let us know what other areas you think we should be working on on your behalf!


The web site is being developed by a small group of volunteers and will grow over time - please be patient with us!

We hope that the information you find here will assist you along the journey of life with limb loss.

  If you would like further information please contact us - see the "Contact us" tab at the TOP of the website.


Please note that the Prosthetic Forum NI does not endorse any of the specific Technologies that may be referenced on this site.

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